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Know More About Our 6th Edition Awardees - Innopreneurs Startup Contest

Another edition of the magnificent Innopreneurs Startup Contest came to an end & with the completion of 6th Edition of Innopreneurs, here we introduce the list of awardees, special recognitions and special mentions.


Startup / Idea: HVA Chemical Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Founder(s): Anbarasan V (LinkedIn) | Aravind S (LinkedIn) | Rupesh Suresh (LinkedIn)

Location: Paramakudi, Tamil Nadu, India Brief: Early traction startup making solid-fuel from single-use waste plastics through a novel patented process.

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1st Runner Up

Startup / Idea: Druksell

Founder(s): Sonam Chophel (LinkedIn)

Location: Thimphu, Bhutan Brief: Largest online marketplace for authentic Bhutanese products made and developed in Bhutan, where customers from around the world can shop and get their orders delivered at their doorsteps in their own home nation.

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2nd Runner Up

Startup / Idea: Solnce Green Energy

Founder(s): Yash Tarwadi (LinkedIn) | Nilesh Shah (LinkedIn)

Location: Surat, Gujarat, India Brief: A stand-alone and decentralized Solar Thermal Desalination Technology, which is capable of converting seawater into mineralized drinkable form. Winner of UNDP’s Innovation 4SDGs Challenge.

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Special Recognition #1

Startup / Idea: Hesa Rural / Last Mile Connect

Founder(s): Vamsi Udaygiri (LinkedIn)

Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, India Brief: Hesa is connecting Rural India Physically through their digital platform and 5000+ villages. They are brand agnostic and help businesses with an end to end access to rural markets.

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Special Recognition #2

Startup / Idea: GoWash

Founder(s): Yashwant Budhwani (LinkedIn)

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra, India Brief: E-scooter based smart washer which washes cars at a cheaper rate.]

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Special Recognition #3

Startup / Idea: AgriYug (Yogitha Biofarming Pvt. Ltd.)

Founder(s): Deepak Kumar (LinkedIn)

Location: Kharagpur, West Bengal, India Brief: They are making farmer’s lives easier by providing services from soil testing to market linkage at an affordable and accessible way. Currently working with 500+farmers.

Rest of the Top #10

  • from Male, Maldives | Founder(s): Raid Shaaz Waleed (LinkedIn) An online retail platform, creating virtual transparent relationships between buyers and sellers from different sectors and industries. With 150+ leading supplier and all major brands all listed on one platform.

  • BMH Transmotion from Nagpur, Maharashtra, India | Founder(s): Ravindra Dekate, (LinkedIn) A foldable & portable storage system for agriculture and horticulture produce such as grains without any fumigation & aims to reduce losses. They have presented their unique idea on multiple international platforms & contests.

  • iAudit, from Rajkot, Gujarat, India | Founder(s): Palak Vasa (LinkedIn) | Mansi Jain (LinkedIn) | Smit Parsania (LinkedIn) A web-based application that automates Internal Audit processes and aids organizations in managing their risk in an accurate, comprehensive, and time-bound manner.

  • Chezuba from Hyderabad, Telangana, India | Founder(s): Sukhendra Rompally (LinkedIn) A global online volunteering platform facilitating corporate employees and working professionals to assist NGOs through skill-based online volunteering. 5,000+ NGOs from 63 countries, 90,000+ registered online volunteers from 100+ countries

Some of the special mention categories were.

Youngest Participants

Veteran Participants

Startups from Remotest Places

Best International Startups

All Woman Startups

Special Philanthropy Mention

Team Saying No To Funding – Offbeat Startup

  • MedicFibers from New Delhi, India | Founder(s): Harsh Lal

Most Breakthrough Innovation

Impact Oriented Startups

  • Backyard Creators from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India | Founder(s): Raman | Lakshmanan

  • Oneceptual from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India | Founder(s): Sumanth Mudaliar

Startups Promoting Circular Economy

Startups that produce Natural Products

If you have missed attending our Grand Finale of Innopreneurs Startup Contest (6th Edition). You can click here to watch it now.

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