the team

Mr. Krishnkant Chaturvedi

(Co-creator & CEO at Innopreneurs)

Krish is an entrepreneur in himself and is heading his own startup in education. He has been the key person behind the creation of Innopreneurs over the last 2 years. He is a strategy enthusiast and love making the growth hacking strategies. Over 200+ pitches have been witnessed by him during his time at Innopreneurs. He took Innopreneurs as part of his learning project at Lemon School of Entrepreneurship and is hustling towards uplifting the innovation tribe by making the Innopreneurs as the most preferred platform worldwide.

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Mr. Deepak Menaria

Mentor - Entrepreneurship

and Founder & CEO 

at Lemon Ideas

Mr. Mukesh Ashar

Mentor - Presentation & Pitch

Mr. Nitin Gujarathi

Mentor - Technology

Mr. Vishal Arora

Mentor - Fundraising

Mr. Vishal Chawda

Startup Buddy and

Co-founder & CEO

Flying Penguins 

Mr. Sanket Patne

Startup Buddy and

Founder & CEO

Creatifox Venture Pvt. Ltd.