• Oishani Nandi

Fostering Collaboration Even In An Online Format @ Innopreneurs Startup Contest (6th Edition)

Innopreneurs, a flagship program of Lemon Ideas has always been known for its physical footprints and the kind of value we were providing for all of our participants offline. When we used to conduct our rounds physically, it had a lot of components attached to it, like, Collaboration, Co-creation Meet and the typical competition agenda (pitching and assessment).

As the entire world got a hit by COVID-19 pandemic, we saw that even after 7 months of COVID-19 breakout none of the competitions happened in India and in the other countries also. On the other hand side, we at Innopreneurs had already started working on converting all of our SOPs / formats to an online format and getting used to the same.

For understanding the circumstances and the contingencies attached to organizing such a mammoth event online, we did one pilot competition, named as “What An Idea for COVID-19” which was the idea competition for solving the problems arising out of COVID-19. You can take the look at the event through a detailed blog which we have written on that idea contest here.

24th March was the day when lockdown was announced in India and 27th March we launched this Idea Contest for COVID-19. We ran that campaign for around 3 months and learnt several things.

Using the learnings from that tiny online experience, we have crafted the whole lot of the event in a manner to match even the physical components like Collaboration & Co-Creation. Hence, we were fostering collaboration even in an online format.

Our format has been quite simple for Innopreneurs. It is.

  1. Application Receivable on

  2. 2 Level Screening of Applications

  3. Approaching Top 500 startups for Regional Round Confirmation

  4. Regional Rounds (Parallelly Conducted during October to February)

  5. Identification of Top 100 Startups from Regional Rounds

  6. Pre Finale Engagement (Top 100 Startups)

  7. Mentoring of Top 100 Startups

  8. Specially crafted Training Sessions

  9. Exclusive Investment Pitching

  10. Competition Pitching (For moving to Top 25)

  11. Co-creation Meetup

  12. Identification of Top 25 Startups

  13. Grooming Sessions with Top 25 Startups

  14. Finale Pitching Round with Top 25 Startups

  15. Identification of Top 10 Startups

  16. Grand Finale with Top 10 Startups (watch Grand Finale here)

In this entire process, we ensured that the co-creation and collaboration have not been missed. Let’s have a look at how we conduct our Pitching Rounds.

Despite the unprecedented circumstances COVID-19 has brought to us, Innopreneurs has ensured that our rounds do not change in the quality that we have always provided, in fact, we have found ways to improve it. You may be wondering, “but how?” We have innovated a new way of taking rounds.

Often, and especially in entrepreneurship competitions, while a participant waits for their turn to pitch, they are ridden with anxiety and/or are profusely preparing their pitches again and again. In fact, even after a participant finishes their pitch, they often have to wait to exit or they leave with no meaningful takeaway. Through our innovative manner of taking rounds, we have found a way to solve this, our dual round rooms.

What is the dual round room?

Innopreneurs 2020-2021 provides its participants with the opportunity to participate in the dual round room. The two types of room in question are our pitching and collaboration room.

The pitching room is, as its name suggests, the place where participants pitch. In the pitching room, you can be expected to be greeted by the judge, introduce yourself, participate in the 6 minute pitching session that you are allotted to pitch your startup and innovation idea and this is followed by a question and answer round by the judges on your start-up pitch. The second part of the dual round room is our collaboration room.

The collaboration room is the new and improved and unique element of Innopreneurs. In the collaboration room, participants who are either waiting their turn to pitch or have already pitched are grouped together in a call with other tens of hundreds of participants wherein they discuss each other's startups and the different ways they can help each other out. This room is also used as a valuable place to partake in networking—a critical element and skill for any budding entrepreneur—with other individuals with the same entrepreneurial spirit as you. A member from the Innopreneurs team will always be present to moderate and facilitate any questions, queries or concerns you may have.

Here is the screenshot from the Collaboration Room while the pitching is ongoing in an another room.

This innovative way of conducting our rounds is what makes us stand out from the rest of the competitions out there. We provide you with an area to network, grow, learn, and help each other. We ensure that every minute that you spend with us at Innopreneurs is used to its maximum potential and that no time of yours is being wasted because we understand the true value of time.

If you want to learn more about Innopreneurs and sign up please feel free to check out our website and if you have any questions and concerns please feel free to to contact us at

We hope to see you there!