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India is a country with a huge number of like-minded people to make a change. India has emerged as one the largest developing economies of the world, still, it lacks somewhere in taking the disruptive ideas or concepts to a colossal extent. To bridge this gap, the need of this hour is to promote and support the start-ups for collaboratively rectifying the issues which hinder them from becoming a giant.


INNOPRENEURS has been launched by Lemon Ideas as a yearly contest. It has been evolved much more than a conventional B-plan contest. It has transformed into a popular national level platform that encourages individuals/ students/ professionals to bring ideas, innovations to the platter for others to devour.

Along with the time, INNOPRENEURS has proved to be an integrated platform for the innovators, aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals for the ignition of their entrepreneurial spirit and to grow competitively. 

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We have evolved during the years as mentioned in the infographic. 

  • 2014 has been the year of founding footprints for us.

  • 2015 has been proof of consistency for us.

  • 2016 was the year of reflections, learning and stepping back for us.

  • 2017 had proved as the one step ahead for the evolution.

  • 2018 created a buzz around India.

  • 2019 made us to become an integrated platform for entrepreneurs, ideas and startups!

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