the story

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With one of the highest populations on our planet, India has millions of bright minds to offer. As of recent years, India has emerged as one the largest developing economies of the world and as a country, we continue to encourage innovation and new ideas. It is of utmost importance to promote and support the start-ups and new ideas of the upcoming generations in order to collaboratively rectify the issues and problems that are dominating the planet.

Innopreneurs is a competition that has been launched by Lemon Ideas as an annual contest in 2014. It has evolved much from the conventional B-plan contest to larger and capable platform for changing the world. It has transformed into a popular national level platform that encourages entrepreneurs/ students/professionals to bring ideas, innovations to a common ground and let ideas turn into reality. Not by design but because of consistency , Innopreneurs continues to be among top google search results for entrepreneurs & startup founders.


Along with the time, Innopreneurs has proved to be an integrated platform for the innovators, aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals for the ignition of their entrepreneurial spirit and to grow competitively.

  • 2014 - establishing our footprint.

  • 2015 - our proof of consistency.

  • 2016 - reflections, learning & stepping back.

  • 2017 - one step ahead for a revolution.

  • 2018 - creating buzz around India.

  • 2019 - becoming an integral platform.

  • 2020 - initial international foot steps.

  • 2021 - going truly international along with having strong footprints in many countries.