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Mindful Ecosystem – Pledge

Envisioning a mindful ecosystem for all- take this pledge with us & intensify your life

4 years ago, Avinash almost gave up on his ‘dream’ business. As he sat in a cafe, wretchedly giving himself big bites of burger and surprising sips of espresso shots, he realized ‘something isn’t going right’… He’s not been able to give his 2-year-old son time, he’s 24/7 dipped into his business and even then the profits are nothing less than crickets. He took his phone out of habit, and then something happened that * changed his life forever * Notification of an article popped up and made Avinash go easy on the burger and his eyes filled with tears (of course happy tears)! The thing made his bones and brains do a cracking dance… And eventually made him the hero of his own life who now lives gracefully and operates a successful business with full heart and intention… What was this saviour about saving him from a life full of punctured purposes? Too early to tell…but not too early to share what this was about. The article read… ‘’How to stay ‘mindful’ in entrepreneurship and make a fortune in both social and financial spheres“. ‘Staying Mindful’ – what’s that, you ask? We answer it here. Make sure to read through the whole article! Entrepreneurs are notoriously blamed to be ‘opportunity seekers’ and that they’re practitioners of turning people’s pains into pickles and serving solutions to them hot. Moreover, we are thought to be energy exploiters, people pleasers, and relationship failures. Don’t you think this standard needs to be changed? I think it’s high time we practice to be mindful before we get to pay the extraordinarily high price of not being so.

Envisioning a mindful ecosystem at Lemon ideas

Lemon Ideas believes in harnessing healthy awareness in all walks of life. Being mindful is not a fresh idea; rather, it is embedded in all personal and commercial organizations and just requires a small push to come to life. It’s the practice of fostering consciousness and establishing the habit of self-discovery in order to gain control and responsibility for one’s life and company

Lemon ideas is a powerful platform dedicated to mindful entrepreneurs. We promote a sustainable path to your increased wellbeing, including your financial health and livable environment.

We believe you already have mindful supernatural powers, and we just need to dig that out through constant awareness.

Flawless organization of your thoughts and cutting off the clutter do a lot more than just clearing your mind. It extensively reduces stress levels, brilliantly boosts productivity, and gives you the energy you deserve to bring the change to the world.

At lemon ideas, we envision a clearer, focused, and stress-free mind to cultivate essential tools and totally cut off the non-essential ones from your life and business.

The extraordinary life of entrepreneurs- happy or hectic?

Unlike what they say, the life of an entrepreneur isn’t always rainbows or sunshine. Sometimes the pressure gets into your veins and sets you on a roller coaster ride. Sometimes, the dry days dry up all your motivations and inspirations and leave you exhaustively draining.

Surely, the life of us entrepreneurs is a salty balance between happy and hectic cuisines. So, does being an entrepreneur mean you’ll get swamped all day? Well, we see no lies there!

Being entrepreneurs we are surrounded by light bulb moments and a stack of important stuff keeps us busy in the whirlwind of responsibilities.

With our tighter than the tightest schedules, there’s so much on the plate that we often do not have time for the most important thing in our lives- our relationships.

No matter how unwillingly it’s all done, the truth is that we’re failing to create a healthy balance between personal and professional lives.

Moreover, this constant juggling creates stress not just within us but also in the environment. We often get so busy squeezing opportunities from the environment that we weaken this overall ecosystem. You see, we are always taking in, and very rarely, giving back!

What does this lead to?

All these stacks of stress, the pile of pressure, and a load of responsibilities ultimately start to drain away from the enthusiasm we started with as we try to force things more.

The repercussions? Costly last-minute decisions, inefficient operations, disputes among the team, lack of kindness for employees, missed opportunities in an untapped market, messed up systems, and declined productivity.

Staying Mindful in Entrepreneurship- what’s the connection?

To be mindful means to slow down and be present in the moment rather than switching on from one thought to another. It implies shifting our mindset from caged thoughts to being aware of our thoughts and concerns. Moreover, in a broader sense, being mindful is not just related to self-awareness- it’s also about being mindful of the surroundings, relationships, next generations, employees, and the environment as a whole. It’s like evaluating each decision in the light of how this will affect these factors and to what extent.

Mindful entrepreneurship is critical for the success of startups

A mindful mindset makes it easy to rationalize every decision for every action. Let’s blend this in the light of key business decisions

By being aware and mindful of your business behavior and nature you can create raving revenue by cutting down unnecessary costs and tracking your company’s spending habits. A universal example of mindful business is implying the 80/20 rule. The wildly famous 80/20 rule states that 80% of the output is a result of 20% of the input. So, if you mindfully engage in 20% of tasks that are of utmost importance and give 80% results, you can actually have extra free time on your sleeve along with better productivity. Also, the rest of 80% of tasks can be outsourced as well.

Being mindful allows us to become more aware of our thoughts, choices, decisions, and reactions so that we can introspect and assess the gravity of the situation. Additionally, allows us to evaluate the alternative courses of action and their consequences – both for business and life. We can get rid of the shiny object syndrome so that we don’t make impulsive urgent decisions by being mindful.

Come, be a part of this mindful revolution with us, at Lemon Ideas

Our minds are our most precious parts of the body, and it seems their care and well-being are being neglected the most. Our path to becoming entrepreneurs could be an accidental one, but we will make the path to becoming mindful entrepreneurs an intentional one. We are determined to cohesively take care of our minds, bodies, environment, and those around us- together with achieving financial and social goals.

We are going to extract resources from the environment but we are mindful of giving it back even more, always with kindness. We will produce fruitful opportunities more than we dig out from there and consume.

We won’t let our ‘business run us’ and eventually ‘ruin us’. Rather we’ll take utmost responsibility, control and ownership of all the operations in and outside of the business- mindfully.

We intend to grow our passions with sustainable systems, structures, and goals. And we won’t let the business culture lose our spirit. We won’t leave behind our values and beliefs in this chase race to the game of fame.

We are all up to giving our hundred percent to become the change-makers of the world. Similarly, we also understand that it’s essential to take a pause from this rat race of success. We will, more often, take rest and give prosperous time to our families. We’ll actively invest in relationships as much as we invest in business decisions because we realize the juice of joy only lies in love.

We pledge to offer a healthy competitive environment and comply gently with all the statutory obligations. And we won’t bite on our customer’s pockets just to take an extra unethical cut of the profit.

We’ll transform our ‘mean businesses’ into ‘green businesses’ by going paperless and using recycled materials as much as possible. We’ll utilize alternative energy and commuting resources that are loving to our mother earth.

We would be mindful in our activities and tasks by way of taking an alternative that our mother nature would love to see.

We would support and undertake projects or ventures which we would be positive for the future of our children and we would not mind our children using those products or services in the future.

We vow to introspect and be self-aware of what we do because we recognize the prestige of being calculatingly conscious of our actions and their consequences. We’ll develop a deeper connection with a larger purpose to serve this word better with sacred passion.

We won’t let our impulsiveness drive our sanity, we’ll be more focused and give attention to our purpose and strategy. Likewise, we won’t let any negative emotion and failure become a reason for our set back. If we’d have to pivot, we’ll do it strategically and mindfully. We are fully adept to renew ourselves with empathy, and spiritual fulfillment and we will allow ourselves to run business by our conscience.

And lastly, we’ll never forget- our lives are a result of our thoughts, for we become what we think.

(Articulated and supported by Ankit Khurana)

About Lemon

Established in 2013, Lemon Ideas is on a mission of “Innovation by EveryONE” and has evolved as an enabling & self-sustaining ecosystem for the creation, nurture, and growth of entrepreneurial ventures through various initiatives propelling innovation, self-reliance, and job creation for Bharat. The major contribution of Lemon includes awareness building, training, mentoring as well as venture creation & acceleration. Lemon engages entrepreneurs, SME’s and start-up founders driven by the spirit of conscious business, sustainability, co-creation, and innovation with an enhanced focus on “Education” & “Sustainable living-Environment centered” domains. The Lemon platform has become very fertile for idea seeds to get sprouted and become sustainable ventures. The magic of co-creation and reflective learning is instrumental for the transformation of entrepreneurs at Lemon.

Lemon Ideas ( Startup Incubator | Co-working | Consultancy

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