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Age is not a barrier when it comes to Innovation !

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Who says that knowledge can be gained in high-tech classrooms of reputed colleges? If you are passionate about something you just attract all the goodness of it all at once. Aditya Shivhare, resident of Chhattarpur, Madhya Pradesh who has invented Infinite Engine has been passionate about electronic devices as well as the life of those devices, that is, electricity since he was in the 5th standard. His interest grew with his imagination as he started learning about electronics stuff from books and the internet. He was aware of the technological advancement happening around him and wanted to add his efforts and work into it too. He dreamt of transmitting electricity without medium. The idea of a miniature version of the wireless electricity pole was earlier visualized by Elon Musk. Our young mind thought of this idea when he saw electricians, as well as normal people, suffer and die because of tangling of wires and electric shocks. This idea turned into a prototype when he was in 8th standard. The making of the prototype wasn’t an easy task. He had more than 50 mini-shocks incidents as well as he failed nearly 500 times while selecting an ideal component for the grand model.

Handwork and perseverance always pay off. He is the perfect example of it. He proved it and his prototype was ready with ideal working conditions. In 2018 he participated in Innopreneurs. His prototype consists of 2 tube lights and an electricity transmission kit. PMO admired his idea and he got funding to make his prototype a real gig. His grand model got special mention from the judges as it was a remarkable invention. His idea of wireless electricity transmission was displayed live with the help of the prototype in the hall filled with near about 200 hundred people. His prototype could light up all the tube lights in the 3 feet range. Everyone in the room was astonished by the concept as well as the live presentation of wireless electricity transmission pole. His work was admired by all other participants. They thought of him as a tough competitor. Although he couldn’t clear the final round as the competition was based on innovation and entrepreneurship. His model definitely was a great success as an invention but still wasn’t into business domain. Even though he wasn’t the finalist but he is a winner for all the people in need of something which is going to be the future of the world.

Lemon School of Entrepreneurship appreciated his work and helped him to make his dream come true. Lemon people also took care of him like a family as a 19 year old boy with such big dream was alone in the city full of opportunities. A member from Innopreneurs team stayed with him the whole time he was in the city. Good people always get goodness from the almighty power. Innopreneurs and Lemon school has played an important role in the recognition of Aditya Shivhare and Infinite Engine in the world.

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