Lemon Ecosystem

Since 2013, LEMON has slowly evolved as a self-sustaining start-up ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners as well as early stage start-ups for complete end to end support at various stages of their journey including training, mentoring, ideation, validation, launch, execution, growth as well as fund raising. Lemon is among very few truly entrepreneurial start-up enabler supporting and nurturing job creators in India. The ecosystem has become very fertile for idea seeds to get sprouted and become sustainable ventures. The magic of co-creation and peer learning are instrumental for the transformation of entrepreneurs at Lemon. Lemon is a recognized startup by DIPP, Govt. of India and proudly supports Startup India movement.


Lemon Ideas is on a mission “Innovation by EveryONE” and is working towards empowering talented individuals to convert their Ideas into Reality (Business Ventures). With 50+ startups incubated & supported, and more than 500+ entrepreneurs nurtured, Lemon Ideas has become a known name in startup and entrepreneurship ecosystem over the years. At Lemon Ideas we believe and follow a unique pedagogy and experimentation approach for real-life entrepreneurs. Lemon offers incubation and various mentoring programs for startups and seasoned entrepreneurs with innovation and technology as key drivers. Lemon is on a mission to nurture 1000 entrepreneurs and be part of 100 ventures creations by 2022 with a greater focus on building the ecosystem in tier 2 and 3 cities.


Lemon School of Entrepreneurship (LSE) is a unique, new age Gurukul with a vision to support, mentor and train budding as well as early stage entrepreneurs. The pedagogy being Learning by Doing, Learn through reflections and real life experimentation, LSE is neither affiliated to any University / Governing Body nor provides any recognised degree or diploma. We believe that creation of work portfolio through experiential learning and pre-incubation training is vital for entrepreneurship. We offer entrepreneurship training program and business training workshops. We also work with colleges and universities to build robust ‘Innovation & Entrepreneurship’ ecosystem (includes pre-Incubation consulting & experiential workshops).

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Innopreneurs is a competition that has been launched by Lemon Ideas as an annual contest in 2014. It has evolved much from the conventional B-plan contest to larger and capable platform for changing the world. It has transformed into a popular international level platform that encourages entrepreneurs/ students/professionals to bring ideas, innovations to a common ground and let ideas turn into reality. Not by design but because of consistency , Innopreneurs continues to be among top google search results for entrepreneurs & startup founders. Along with the time, Innopreneurs has proved to be an integrated platform for the innovators, aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals for the ignition of their entrepreneurial spirit and to grow competitively.